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  • Welcome to ClockWork!
  • A student online services portal that can connect you to the Counselling and Accessibility Services office, here at Seneca College.
  • But, what is ClockWork? How do you use ClockWork, and how can ClockWork help?
  • Over the next few minutes we're going to answer all of these questions.
  • First of all, what is ClockWork?
  • Through ClockWork, students registered with the Counselling and Accessibility Services office can access services the office has available.
  • For instance, if you have an approved Accommodation Letter that has been set up in the ClockWork system, you can view, and request the distribution of the existing Accommodation Letter to your professors.
  • How do you use ClockWork?
  • The first step, is to open your computer to the ClockWork online student services portal.
  • You can access this portal by going to the Seneca Counselling and Accessibility Services website.
  • Once you are there, navigate to and click on or access the Online Services Portal link.
    (mouse click)
  • Navigate to and click on the students link.
    (mouse click)
  • You now have the option of navigating to and accessing a number of services.
  • How can ClockWork help?
  • To request the distribution of your approved Accommodation Letter, click on or access the "Request Accomodation Letter" link, then click on Accommodations in the top menu.
    (mouse click)
  • You will be prompted to enter your user ID and password.
  • Once you are logged in, you'll be able to view the courses you are enrolled in.
  • Click on the "Request" button for any of your courses.
  • (mouse click)
  • Review your accommodations, review and select the professors and/or courses that should be receiving your accommodation letter.
    (mouse click)
  • Select "Send my Accommodation Letter" if there are no changes you wish to make to your Accommodation Letter.
    (mouse click)
  • Review, and agree to the Terms of Use,
    (mouse click)
  • and click on the Submit button.
    (mouse click)
  • Please wait a few seconds while your Accommodation Letter is being emailed to your professors at this time.
  • Students can view their accommodation letter in PDF format and in an accessible email format.
  • For each course selected you will also receive a copy of this email as a confirmation.
  • And that's it!
  • Visit the Seneca Counselling and Accessibility Services website and go to the online student services portal for more information and updates about ClockWork.
  • Visit
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